Sunday, April 6, 2008

Johnny with Kason Parker

Johnny holding Kason Parker, my sisters new baby boy. He has his ninja sword on his back in his shirt. He's all BOY! Joel and Justin were too busy playing to get in the picture. Maybe next time.
It's probably a good thing Justin didn't touch him. We had to leave unexpectedly because he started running fever. I took him to the Dr office in Lindale (it was the only clinic open on a Saturday) and we were there from 10AM to almost 5PM. What a day! They ran a few test because they couldn't figure out what was causing his fever. Ends up- it was just a urinary track infection. Thank goodness! Had me worried for a while that we would end up back in the ER. I'm still not done paying for the last two visits. He's doing great today! An hour after giving him the antibiotic his fever broke.