Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm a mommy to little boys

I picked Justin and Joel up at PDO on Thursday...I know this is a little late, but it's too funny not to share. Anyhow- I was loading Justin getting him buckled in, and Joel was right next to me standing out side the truck. I got Justin strapped down ready to go, I turn to load Joel and I notice this red truck with a lady pointing in my direction. My first thought was, "What is she pointing at?" I looked down at Joel and his pants were around his ankles getting ready to water the street. I quickly grabbed him and faced him toward the truck to pee (at this point why not? He was already ready and set to go) Justin's door is still open, so we hide as best as we can and he starts to pee. Justin was talking to me (I have no idea what he was even talking about now) and he started to sneeze. As he sneezes he hawks this big ball of snot on the door and all in my hair. OK.. stop laughing, there's more. Disgusted, I look up at him and let go of Joel and he starts peeing all over my hand. Nasty!

OK, there you have it! I am a mommy to little boys and loving every minute of it!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Obedient to God and submissive to your husband...

My Aunt Linda and I talked about this at my cousin Danny's wedding. I've really thought a lot about it ever since. After reading my book "Lies Women Believe And The Truth That Sets Them Free" and studying it I've learned a lot about it.

Satan convinced Eve that if she submitted to God's direction, she would be miserable and would miss out on something in life. Since then he has done a good job at making the world believe the word submissive is narrow and negative. But, by golly, our kids better submit to us or else!

"Wives, submit to your husbands as the Lord." Ephesians 5:22

There you have it! God tells us to. We are taught at such a young age how to be submissive. And- when our kids listen, do everything we say, without back talking-- I know how proud it makes me feel with my little ones! This is how I want God to feel about me!!

Submissive- inclined or ready to submit; unresistingly or
humbly obedient: submissive servants.

It doesn't mean you're inferior to your husband and have to let him walk all over you, make all of your decisions for you, or give him your self worth. We as Christian wives are to submit as it states in Ephesians. As I've studied this week God has put on my heart how I can do this better. I'm not saying it's not difficult sometimes: it can be a thankless and lonely job. I'm going to share a few things God revealed to me and how I can do better. It is my job to clean the house, pick up after my husband and my kids and not nag about it. In this book she talked about how to serve your husband (and people) without feeling mad: I need to have a servants heart- like Jesus had. He came to earth to show us how to serve and love each other. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to show them His love and how to serve one another...for no other reason than because He loved.

OK, so I've learned that I need to have the house hold chores done when Kyle gets home to free up family time. That means taking the trash out, too. I know lots of women who get angry (me included) because their husbands don't take the trash out. Well, I can do it just as well as he can, probably easier because I'm home all day. One thing Kyle loves is family dinner time. That's the first thing he asks in the morning, "What's for dinner?" I know some women who get really angry when their husband asks that question. I know he looks forward to coming home and having dinner, so instead of biting his head off because I'm "too busy" to think about what I'm going to make that night, I try to have the menu planned out for the week. I try to make it extra special because I know it's something he looks forward to all day. Why would your man want to come home to a crabby wife? Are you making your home a relaxed welcoming environment for your husband to want to come home?
Satan wants us to keep believing this lie that submission is bad. He knows that if we give in and submit, he is stripped of that power he has over our lives. In God's eyes we are all equals. He just had different rolls and jobs for us. Eve was put on earth to help Adam; not to rule over him. God had a plan for her. It's our job to give our input and insight to different situations. If he doesn't take it it's not up to us to "fix" him. We need to pray and trust that God will take care of it. To obey God means you have to be submissive. I always thought I was until I studied this lesson this week. I've had a superficial submission though. I've always (at least try to) let Kyle lead our family, but I never understood why I "needed" to be submissive. We as women know how to manipulate our men. And, it's not up to us to take it into our own hands. Men don't always fight with their wife for their authority in fear of an argument. Then we get mad when our husbands don't lead our households. I've had to take a step back and look at my heart. It's not fair for me to allow him to take the reins when I want him to. It's my job to give my insight and pray for my husband to follow God's path. Like I said before, it's not always easy to let go and give God control.

"Trust in him at all times, O people;
pour out your hearts to him,
for God is our refuge" Psalm 62:8

Monday, February 15, 2010

The men in my life

The Griffin boys watching a movie and eating M&M's.

I'm so lucky! I get to stay home with these precious guys; I'm loving those precious millions of one-on-one quality moments. We get to chase critters, play in the leaves, go on errands and adventures, play dates with their friends' and the mommas, cook and play with our food, nap and I get to see their smiling faces when they wake up!!

This should be the last blog for today. Sorry for blowing up your email for those of you that are signed up to receive my updates. Still trying to figure out this whole mobile upload thing.

I just saw on my mother-in-laws page that she has mobile blogging. I of course need this! I can post so much more from my phone! Especially while on vacation. Get ready CA! Only four more months and the Griffins are crashing in! Along with my daddy! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow days are the best!

It snowed all day Thursday (without letting up), but it wasn't sticking. By Friday morning though, this is what we woke up to!!! That handsome husband of mine got up and got ready for work. As he was leaving he called me to come look. I really didn't want to peel myself out of that warm bed, but I could hear the excitement in his voice. I couldn't believe my eyes! This is a lot of snow for TX. The most there has ever been since we've lived here. I think Mama Jean said there was 6 inches, maybe more. I heard the last time there was this much snow was like in 1973. Kyle just had to stay home to play! Who knows if we will ever get this again.

Johnny Griff had a note in his backpack Thursday saying school would be delayed until 10am, but it turned into a snow day. Good thing because I wouldn't have sent him. He will probably never get this in his childhood again, so we had to take advantage! He had soooo much fun! This picture is of him rolling down the hill toward the lake...he makes me cold just looking at this picture.

Oh Justin Robert! He was running around doing everything Johnny was doing. I told him he could eat the snow (as long as it wasn't yellow) and he looked at me crazy like. I noticed a little later that he was eating it. Ha-ha-ha! He's so stinkin' cute!

Joely-bowly stayed outside a good long while playing, but he gave up, it was too cold. Mama Jean took him to her house while we played a little longer. We started making a snow man, Kyle had it all stacked even, then it fell. After that they decided it was too much work to do over. Besides, about that time Uncle Tony came rolling out on the 4-wheeler! He had a sled that he tied to the back and took Justin and Johnny for a spin in the field! Johnny thought he was THE BEST!

Here is Johnny and Joel standing under the tree daddy told them to get under (Justin was too smart to get under here, he knew what was coming). After snapping a picture, Kyle started throwing snowballs at the snow on the limbs. As it started coming down on them Joel took off like a smart boy, but Johnny!...he stayed and got covered laughing the whole time. I really thought he would get mad and cry, but nope he loved it!

I don't know if we will ever see this again, but I'm thankful for this Friday! It was beautiful and we had a blast!

OK...we've had snow! I'm done with this cold weather, come on Summer!!