Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Long time.. no blog..

It's been a while, huh? I haven't stayed up this late in a long time, and that's usually when I do most of my blogging. Actually, I've made it a point to stay off of the computer during the day, too. I have really enjoyed the free time (not spent on the stupid computer or watching the stupid TV) instead I've played more games, or outside (weather permitting), and we've really had a lot of fun reading all of the new books the boys got for Christmas.

Anyhow- life this past month...

Johnny is enjoying Kindergarten.. well, for the most part. He is ready for it to be over, burned out, I guess. Poor little guy, he has a very long road a head of him and has no idea. :( He's learning so much though! I'm amazed at how fast he picks up on things. He has really become protective of his brothers.. becoming a good leader, too. He's always helping them with out me having to ask him!

My little snuggle bug, Justin has really come in to his own these past few weeks. That boy is too funny. He keeps us laughing and wondering what's next. He still has such a sweet disposition! He melts our hearts...ALWAYS giving kisses and hugs and telling you he loves you berry much! Most often it's just out of the blue, too! The other day Kyle and I were laying in bed and the boys in their beds, and we heard Justin say, "Johnny, I love you!" Then, Johnny said it back. Melted our hearts for sure!!

Now, Mr. Joel; also has come into his own. *eyes wide open* He is the smartest little booger. He talks more than any [almost] two year old I know. Well, okay, maybe my friend Kristi has a little girl who talks that well, too, but mine is smarter because he's mine. Right?? ;) Haha He doesn't take anything off of those big brother either. I have to really watch him. If they take something away, or do something he doesn't like, he's knocks the crud out of them. And- if there is something close by that he can pick up to hit them with, watch out! Oh, and he's really thinking hard about this whole potty training thing! He wants so badly to be in Justin's undies, so yesterday I let him wear them all day. He peed in the potty.. goodness, about every 30 minutes. I was potty trained out by the end of day! He wanted them again today, but I had relatives all the way from CA visiting, and I wanted to keep all of my attention on them, so we'll pick it back up tomorrow. I'm excited for the little stinker. He is so proud to be wearing brothers 'unies' and has the cutest smile ever as he tee tees.

Our Spring Break:

We went to Branson, Mo. And had an absolute blast!! With a few hang ups, but we were determined. I had a horrible head ache the first 3 or 4 days.. uggg, Kyle thought he had a hernia.. come to find out, he did sit-ups the day before we left and the Dr. thinks he may have just pulled something. Thank goodness- was not looking forward to paying more hospital bills this year.
Well, I loved! Little House on the Prairie growing up. We drove to Mansfield, MO and I got to walk in Laura Ingalls Wilder's house! Anyone who knew me growing up, knows how completely special this was for me! Then, the day after, Kyle and his parents drove me an hour (or more) back to see her grave site. It was the neatest thing for me. I was actually standing where her body lays. I know that may sound morbid, or what have you, but to me it's was great! Thank you, Kyle, for my blanket! I'm really glad you made me get it now! I love it. :o)
We did a lot of other really fun cool stuff too, but I won't go into great detail because how boring would that be for you to go on my vacation. I would post pictures, but I don't have them yet. I need to go rob my mother-in-law!! So, pics to come soon.
I will however tell you about this fun restaurant we ate at.. twice even! It's called Lambert's Cafe. If ever you go to MO, you have to eat here. Your kids will love it! They actually throw rolls at you from across the room!! How cool was that for my little men!

OK.. I'm really sleepy and can't think anymore. I'm off to bed. Until next time....