Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are faced with the decision of homeschooling or not?? I desperately want to home school, but want to make sure it's the right thing for our family. People keep asking me, "why?" Why do I want to??? I've been in prayer about it for quite some time, but it's really on my heart today. So, I ask my prayer warrior friends to be in prayer for us as we make our decision.

It's not that I think my kids aren't getting a good education in a public school. Or that the teacher Johnny has isn't doing a good job; because I like her a lot and think she's a great teacher!

Education is discipleship. And discipleship is what gets us ready for the world. I am their advocate.. Kyle and I, and the grandparents- It's our job to disciple them and teach them! Not the things of the world. I absolutely do not want the world to disciple my kids! Why do people think it's so important for my first grader to learn to live in this world? I don't want him to become numb to people who curse or flip the bird. I couldn't believe when Johnny came home from school and I asked him how his day was and what he had learned, and he tells me, "I learned how to flip a bird. See, look." Then, he teaches his two and three year old brothers. I DON'T THINK SO! He's not at the age of accountability. It's still my job to shelter him/them. I don't want them to be conditioned to worldly things. They are going to learn the 'things' of the world, but why not as a Christian adult? I want them as adults [age of accountability- which is different for each child] to be able to sift through it biblically and make decisions.

I wonder, how many of you reading this hear the cusing in a movie!? Have you become so numb to it that you don't hear it anymore? Kyle hears it so much at work, that he says he doesn't hear it anymore. But, truth is if you're hearing it, you're more susceptible to using it.

Our lives need to be centered around our Savior, Jesus Christ; not school, my marriage, sports etc...

I am going to a Charlotte Mason Seminar this Saturday and I'm really excited about learning more!

Email me with your thoughts and concerns!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Thomas The Train weekend!

We went camping in Rusk this past weekend and rode Thomas The Train. My dad and Pam went and of course Kason, too. We also ran in to a couple that Kyle works with, Doug and Michele and their son, Grant.

Thank you Papa and Grammer!

We have gone the past three years and it's always so much fun! Joel was really excited this year. I was worried because a couple of months ago we drove to Palestine to check out RV Parks, and we saw "The Little Engine That Could" and Joel was scared to death of it. But he did great!

There is so much to do! The boys had a BLAST in the bounce house. It had a really cool slide, too. There was a petting zoo. Johnny thought he was too cool because he got to lead a goat around on a leash. I felt bad for the poor ducks; there were kids picking them up by their tails and dropping them. I couldn't believe there wasn't someone keeping a closer eye on them. Hmmmm.. what else?? They had a hay ride; the picture is posted at the bottom of my blog page. The boys all got tattoos, dug in big barrels of sand for rocks, played on the play ground, played with trains on the 'Thomas' tables (like they don't have one at home!) Justin really enjoyed playing with the bubbles! Joel had fun at the activity tables; coloring and stamping papers and drawing with the stencils.

For the longest time no one could find Papa Rick and Johnny. Those two, I tell you, are two of a kind!! Mama Jean almost past out because she needed to eat, but Rick had the keys to the motorhome. So, I took her back to my camper and fed her; crackers and coke, but hey! It did the trick. Kyle finally found them on this hay ride. It looks like they were having a great time together, don't you think?! They had been all over the park. Here is one picture of off Ricks camera of Johnny and Sir Topham Hatt.

Over by the playground there was a drop off. Coming out were these huge tree roots! That made the best playground of all. Johnny and Justin had so much fun playing on them. I have no idea who the guy is that is catching Johnny. He was playing with his kids and Johnny jumped in on the fun. So shy, that boy! He was really nice and played with Johnny for quite some time!

Here is Kyle teaching Johnny to ride his bike without the training wheels. He was only using them to get started and when he stopped.

I'll try to post the rest of the pictures in my photo album. If you want to see all of them check back later...probably tomorrow. Hopefully Lindsay and her family will be able to join us next year!? Or go on the Polar Express with us next month!!

Thank you again Papa Rick and Grammer!!