Friday, January 28, 2011

Introducing MEGATRON!

I will get to this adorable little guy in a minute, but first...

Whew, where to begin?! It's been crazy around the Griffin household. As most of you know we rescued eight little puppies one Friday night around the beginning of this month. And no, Megatron was not one of them. I'll get to him in a sec... Anyhow, we found all the puppies a home with the exception of one, which my mom took in and was going to help find him one! We kept them penned up out back by the barn in a dog run and they did not come in or around the house.

I don't remember the timeline exactly, but I know on Monday my mom called to tell me her puppy had died and Uncle Vernon's wasn't doing well. After finding out the symptoms we knew it was the [dreaded] parvo. That night (I think it was) she called back to say Uncle Vern's little girl didn't make it. She still had one left, Cuddles, the one she was going to find a home for but was now hers.... Within a few hours he was also showing signs of Parvo. She researched and contacted people that might be able to help and give her guidance. She fought hard for three or four days, but he didn't make it either.

Now, back to Megatron! We absolutely adore him. My brother called January 15th and told me they were selling Boston Terrier puppies at in his Walmart parking lot. I had him send me pictures, and Kyle and I both knew he was ours as soon as we laid eyes on him! That night Kyle has a hockey game to go to, so the boys and I loaded up and off to Lin's house we drove! The next day Kyle and I were talking about how weird it was because we agreed we had never had a dog that was family quite like this; Megatron just belonged! He's fun, spunky- to say the least, sweet, loves to cuddle- watch out, though, he might attack your toes at any given second...

I had no idea how contagious parvo is. I knew it was highly contagious, but I had no idea how easy it was to spread. I figured if I kept Megatron away from the dog run, he'd be OK...Wrong! The vet started telling me of how you can bring it in with your shoes, it's on your clothes if you've held one, it stays in the yard for up to SIX MONTHS! What?!? The vet told me to bleach, bleach, bleach. So, Kyle bleached the yard (twice- two weekends in a row) while I bleached floors, threw away rugs, washed name it we were doing it trying to make sure Megatron didn't come in contact. Little did we know it was too late. :( Ten days after bringing him home, he started throwing up. I haven't subbed in over a month and of course that day would be the day I was scheduled.. Ugh! As soon as I got home I swooped him and the boys up and off to the vet we took him. Throwing up was the only sign he exhibited, but I knew..! The vet didn't think he had it, but I made him run the test anyway. Sure enough, he had it.

This is at the vet's office; the boys had their ears to the wall listening to see if they could hear if Megatron was infected.

So, the past four days I've been giving him two medications, injections in the neck of sodium chloride, making sure he eats small meals all day long, kept him drinking water. If you didn't know it you wouldn't think he was sick! He's just as spunky today as the day we brought him home! However, he is not out of the woods just yet so stay tuned..!

Here is Mama Jean helping me as I injected the fluid in his neck!

We were so excited to have a day of snow! Two years in a row!! OK OK...This post is already so long, so I'm not going to talk about these pictures except to tell you what's going on in them.

Kyle and Johnny feeding the poor, cold, starving goats! Because those that know me, know I am NOT getting out in the cold if I can help it! ha ha!

Before... After...

Kyle and Johnny jumping. They say men grow up at the age of 40, is that right? Well Kyle, you have a few years left...

Joel making a snowman. And- last but not least, Papa Rick making a snowman with the boys. That is until Justin said he was tired of making snowmans, wasn't comfy in the snow anymore, and he was snow sick! Ha! I love that boy. He's too funny!

I know I said that was it, but I have to share with you guys; I'm excited to tell you I'm finally starting a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Class at our church! It's something God put on my heart months ago and I've been praying for it to happen in his timing. Anyhow- I will [hopefully] blog more on this soon! It's an amazing story (to me anyway) about its coming about! Lots of other things going on in my life and in my heart...I just haven't had much time to blog about them. So, ask me if next time you see me if you're interested!

Have a happy week end, my sweet readers!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The man of my dreams..!

Thirty four years ago a lady laying in a hospital bed had a son! Rick and Debbie cared for him, loved him, and shaped him into an extraordinary man! And I am proud to call him mine today!
Kyle you're my favorite!
You're the best husband a girl could ask for, a best friend,and a wonderful daddy!
Happy Birthday, my sweet husband!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Driving home this afternoon I hear Johnny's sweet voice asking his brothers if they'd like him to read to them. I couldn't believe my ears. If asked he will usually read to them, but on his own..! I had to capture this picture perfect moment of my sweet little critters.