Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

The boys have been begging since Thanksgiving day to put the tree up. We were busy or gone, and never got around to it. Saturday we stopped at Walmart to get gas and they have an area all decorate with trees, lights, rope lights that rope off the entire area (it's quite pretty actually), anyway Justin got really upset and said, "Ugh..! That's not fair, see, everyone else has their tree up!"

So, Sunday after church we decided to set it up while they were taking a nap. I wish I had a picture of their little faces as they walked in and saw that it was up.

This will have to to do! We are decorating today, and I have a couple of really excited little boys!

Monday, November 1, 2010

New additions to the Griffins!!

I'm excited to share with you- we have two new additions to the family. A buddy of Kyle's breeds goats, but these two were too small, so he gave them to us! Neither one had a mother (one died and the other mama goat wouldn't take her baby), therefore they didn't get the mothers milk. Which I guess, stunts their growth.

So this is about it; they eat a lot! The boys enjoy chasing them all around the yard. I have to watch them like a hawk, or they will eat my plants, trees, whatever they can get their mouths on. Johnny's excited to be a goat farmer...I know it's only been two days, but hey, how else will we know if we don't give it a shot, right?!?

This morning on Kyle's way to work he comes walking back in [rather fast] and says, "Johnny, Did you know that goats can talk?" Johnny looking puzzled says, "No!" Kyle goes on to explain, "Yeah, I just told the goats Bye...and do you know what they said," still puzzled with big eyes Johnny asks, "No, what?" "They told me Baaaaay!" Johnny and I started laughing so hard! Maybe you had to be there, but we thought it was hilarious!

I'm sure there will be more goat tales to tell. Until then, good night- or is it good morning?!? Yikes!! I'm going to bed...

Thank you to the Woods family! We love our new pets!!