Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Be Intentional

After taking a few months off from my blog, I find it hard to come back and write.  With facebook, instagram, twitter, and all these other popular media sights, blogging seems like a dying form.  But if for no other reason, I want my boys to one day after I'm no longer in this world to be able to read my words and know my heart!  To know how much I love my creator, their daddy, and them!!

Since summer hit, we haven't done much school.  Reading now and then, but nothing like I had planned.  Johnny and I just got back from church camp; I was feeling refreshed and ready to hit it again.  Well...I've been sick and stuck in bed (for the most part) since Saturday afternoon.  I didn't do much of anything except watch movies, sleep, watch more movies, sleep and so on...

Tonight after reading in Deuteronomy 6, I had better get a little more intentional: if I'm not diligent in teaching them God's word, Hollywood, media and culture will.  Time to turn off the T.V. and video games, and all the things the world values and invest time in them.  If I want them to be disciples like Jesus had, I have to invest time in them like Jesus did!

So where do I fail?

*I teach and succeed in training them to believe the right doctrine, but fail in teaching them to pray everyday.
*I teach them to be faithful in going to church, but fail in teaching them to be soul winners.

So what much I teach them?

*To not only be saved, but also to be spiritual. They must know the bible, pray, and know that God will answer.
*Teach them to live holy lives or Hollywood will train them to be unholy.

Boy do I have my work cut out for me!! Haha.