Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too cute for my own good

Me: Justin, what are you doing?
Justin: I'm making Mickey Mouse ears. See!

Day four

All three made it back awake. Kyle said, "Yay for messed up sleep patterns."
We came back to the camper for lunch and naps, so they got a good nap in. Joel slept almost three hours! Janine and I had to run to the store for a few groceries, and I was able to get a couple loads of laundry done!
Tomorrow is our last day at Disneyland and we head to Vegas Sunday! I probably won't update tomorrow....being our last day here and all. Going to take it all in and play with my boys!
Wish you grandparents could be here, too. These boys are having a blast!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wow!! all I have to say about that.

His tongue is almost the color of his eyes.

Ring pop boys

Waiting in line for this show called World Of Color. Long wait...thank goodness for candy. Well, maybe. :-/

My very own Woody

I know a lot of my posts have been of this cutie patooie, but he has been just that. He has kept us laughing.

Oh boy!

It's always interesting trying to get a good picture of all three boys at once. I thought this was too funny!

Three down

Another very fun exciting day comes to an end. We started off at California Adventure, then hopped back and forth to catch different shows and rides.

My little men are pooped as you can see. Their daddy just won't give them a break. And they're loving every minute of it. In fact, as we were leaving the last ride of the night Joel was crying to ride it again. He got over it- before we left the park even- he was passed plum out! Then, just as we left the gate (for our [never ending] 1.2 mile walk back :-/) Justin told Janine daddy was mean 'cause he wouldn't let them ride more rides; if they only knew!....Seriously, I think Kyle could stay 48 straight hours. He's a machine when it comes to Disney parks, I tell ya'!

OK. Well, everyone is passed out but me.

Till tomorrow........

Cute critters

Waiting to watch the Bugs Life 3D show.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tower of Terror

Look how big this boy looks! About to ride the tower of terror.


Yesterday Daddy thought it would be a great idea to buy all his Pirates a sword to walk around the park with. They had a blast, hitting everyone who passed. Only at Disneyland are people so gracious.

I hope they were a ray of sunshine for someone.....besides us. :-/ I heard lots of people passing by that thought they were so adorable.....because they are.

Biased? Maybe.

Love this boy

Special time for Justin and me!

Joel was too little for the Sorin Over California ride and I had to sit out with him (probably a good thing because he fell asleep) while Kyle, Janine and Jim rode with Johnny and Justin. Luckily, they have this parent swap thing and I got to walk right on when they got back.

California Adventure

Kyle and I sat in this same O eight years ago with no look at us! :)

Day Two down

This was last night (12:45am again!) when we made it back; after walking ALL day at Disneyland...if that's not enough, we have a 1.2 mile walk back to the rv park- with an overpass. 8-/

Well, here goes nothin' THREE!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

31 years and counting.

This is my Aunt Irene and Uncle Mike and today's they have been married 31 years! What a day to spend your anniversary....with me of course. ;) You thought I was going to say Disneyland, right?!? Ha ha!

Thanks for sharing your day with us.

1 down

First day down. Think they're tired? Their daddy over did it!!!!!!!! 12:45AM and we are finally back at the camper.

Bed time! Night all.

Like father like son!

Kids in a candy store don't compare to my boys in a Disneyland store. :)

Justin always watches intently when a pillow pet commercial comes on the TV. Well, today he found a Pluto pet!...and fell in love.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Story time

Joel asked Johnny to read to him. What a good brother!
Looks like Justin is about to pass out.

California check point

We made it. Woohoo!

Oh man!

We just crossed over AZ in to CA. Kyle and I were excitedly saying, "We're in California!!" Poor little justin's eyes pulled together and he yelled, "Oh man! But we're still driving!"

What a cutie patootie!

Wellton AZ

Wow! This is a cool drive.

Well, not too cool- it's 108 degrees.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


There's a sign that says watch out for rattlesnakes. Johnny, all boy, says he wants to see one. Yipes! Not me!

Just about to leave TX

It's impossible to keep from thinking of my Creator as we pass through the beautiful hills- with the mountains in the far off distance.

This picture does not do justice.

As I'm typing this we just passed a mountain with a cross on top. Johnny gasped and his eyes got really big as he asked, "Is that where Jesus died?" Guess a little geography lesson is do when we get home, but it makes my heart proud that that's the first thing my little blessing thought of.

Poor Justin

"Oh man! How far IS California?!?"
I think he's sick of the car already.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Washing the camper

Getting it ready to go to California.

The baby cousin (out of us 10), Jessica, is getting married next Sunday. We pull out Thursday!! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Why a stay at home mom?

It's better to miss a lifestyle than miss my kids!

This afternoon, I was talking to a friend who's also a stay at home mom- with two little boys. We talked about the things we used to do- before having kids, and how life has changed since having them; There are good days and bad days.

This week Johnny has been somewhat, ummm, I guess I would say a challenge. His attitude (and mine) has been foul and unpleasing to our Lord. We've been at each others throats, so to speak. I pray for each of my little guys daily. But I've especially prayed over Johnny and with Johnny all week. Even through the course of this week I'm thankful to be able to stay home with my little blessings! I will have to say, there are times when I have to remind myself of that. This book I've just started reading Mission to Motherhood by Sally Clarkson is just that- a reminder. Only a few chapters in and already it's an eyeopener! Can't wait to finish it!

I'll blog about it when I'm done.

Have a good week end!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Johnny's splinter

Johnny got a splinter (redwood bark) on the playground just before school let out. They called to tell me they pulled it out and Johnny was not a happy camper. It was swollen about a week there after until turning in to a nasty black and blue bruise. The last couple of weeks it's been red and swollen, but appeared to be getting better. Until yesterday that is. It was swollen again and looked infected.

That's because this was left behind.

Here we are before.

Here he is getting ready for Dr. Gully to cut it out- he's going to give Johnny a shot first to deaden it, and Johnny was so mad; definitely doesn't take pain very well....can't say that I blame him! Mama Jean went with me because she knew it was going to take many people to hold this strong little toot down. Boy was she right! I had to lay on his chest and hold his arms. Mama Jean had his good leg while the nurse attempted to hold his splintered leg. After a minute of screaming and fighting, the nurse finally got a good hold on him and put all of her body weight into holding that leg still so the doctor could give him the shot.

After the shot and he figured out that it didn't hurt anymore, he wanted to sit up and watch as the doctor cut in to him. This was just after Dr. Gully got it out and Johnny watched the whole thing. Maybe got a doctor on my hand, huh?!? After it was all said and done, Uncle Tony had slipped Mama Jean some money to take the [brave] boy to sonic for ice cream. Wish I would have taken a picture of him enjoying his Oreo Sonic blast! Thank you Uncle Tony!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

God is good!

How pretty and awesome is this?!?