Thursday, April 28, 2011

My reality

At the start of each day, I pray for the Lord to teach me something new; to help me be creative in teaching my boys. I want them to have a love for their Creator and to be different!!

As I was praying this morning the Lord spoke to me heart, "Why do you ask for these things and then not seek after them? Why haven't you come to me every morning for your quiet time? How can I teach you when you're not listening? Hello!! Wake up call.

Truth is, I haven't been doing my part this past week and I can see a huge difference in my attitude. I am edgy. I bark at the boys over stupid stuff. I don't stop and train their little hearts as I should.

It's not only important to pray daily, but read my bible and LISTEN! Duh! No wonder things have been off kilter. It's so simple and I have been in such a funk; I have to be diligent, not only in prayer, but in studying my bible EVERY DAY!

This afternoon I put the boys in a bubble bath with a cup of tea, turned the lights off, lite candles, and read our Character Bible. What a blessing to have them eager and asking questions. As I type this now, I hear Johnny telling his brothers they are his servants (armor-bearer is what the story called them) and they are going to rescue King Saul the disobedient king.

Now, come on morning...!