Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Cheer

It's been a while since I last blogged, and a lot has happened. I can't wait to read up on everyone!!

First, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!! Hope your day was as blessed as ours. My best friend, Michele lost her grandma today. She battled cancer for the past few years. Michele said to me today, "So I wonder, just how does one get a ticket to the birthday party in the sky today?" What a good attitude to have! It's hard for those of us left behind.. but, thank God he gave us a Savior! That's what today is all about!! I love you, Michele. We are praying for you and the family.. especially today. Johnny said a prayer for you at lunch time.

We had so much fun with the boys last night. Kyle got on the roof (playing Santa) while I was reading to the boys, and Johnny's eyes got really big. It was so stinkin' sweet. Today was fun, too. The boys loved all of their MANY toys. And- Papa, Grammer and Mama Jean got them a trampoline. We were super excited!!
Here is Joel with his Hulk arms.. Watch out Mama Jean. He's got a great right his Mama!!

My little nephew, Lofton was born December 4th. Johnny was so excited! He counted down the last four days. When I picked him up from school on the big day he asked, "Is it hospital time?" Here he is taking a peek for the first time.

Here is Mama Jean watching Justin putting on a show. And, Uncle Kyle on the phone.

We had our picture made with Santa. Of course, Joel was NOT even thinking about sitting with him. And- since Kyle and I had to be in the picture, we made Mama Jean get in it, too. Rick and Debbie walked up just as we finished, so they didn't make it.

Justin had his PDO Christmas party. He had fun getting and giving presents.

Justin and Jaron have become big buds this year. They're also in Puggles and Sunday school together.

Here is Crew. Another of Justins little friends. This was too cute to pass up!

Joel was patting pretty little Miss Kate in the face. Poor thing...she's probably used to it with three big brothers. He is usually trying to kiss all the babies.

Johnny sang at his FIRST Christmas program at school.

Justin and Johnny sang in the church kids choir. I love watching the little kids sing! They're so funny.