Thursday, May 14, 2009


I opened my cabinet door yesterday and this is what I saw. It kind of shocked me at first. Then I thought, Kyle is in so much trouble! He's bad about doing things for shock value. My next thought was, "No way, did Johnny somehow get that up in there?" I mean, really, there can't be a snake IN MY HOUSE, RIGHT?! I started to reach up and grab it and it occurred to me, I made a cake earlier today and that snake was not there. OH MY GOSH!! It's real!

As I screamed (jumping out of my skin) I grabbed the boys and ran outside. I called Debbie to see if Rick could come over. Then, I went back in (with the boys still sitting outside waiting on Papa to get here) so I could take pictures.

Look how long this stupid thing was! Mama Jean has killed three in the past couple of weeks down at her house.. at least they weren't in her house! I know one of them was at least 8ft. long.. if not longer. Not sure about length of the other two.

Snake posse to the rescue!

Don't mess with Mama Jean! As we were waiting for Papa Rick, Johnny says, "I know, Momma, you need Mama Jean!" She is Queen at killing snakes. Just ask Johnny.
Rick, I don't know that I've ever seen Lady that close without her barking at you. I guess she was really interested in what you were doing to that snake.

Before Mama Jean went home, she tells me that they usually travel in pairs. GREAT!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where to begin??


I'm not sure where I even left off. Guess I should have looked before starting this blog.

Life has been crazy busy, but I've been loving it.. as usual. I know big surprise, right? Haha! I think since my last blog, we've celebrated Joel and Johnny's birthdays. Johnny wanted a hockey party, so we did STARS. We are huge fans of the Dallas Stars! Johnny too ever since Kyle took him to a game. Also, we are now in full swing of T-ball. Johnny is really enjoying it. Just a few weeks left of school to go. Yipy!!!!!!! I'm so ready for us to all be home together again.

My little Justin is having the time of his life watching his big brother play T-ball. He keeps asking when it's his turn. Poor little guy just doesn't understand he's too little. He keeps telling me, " No I not little. I big.. see!" And- he'll reach his little arm out as high up as he can get them. Look at this sweet adorable cutie patootie!!
Joel we had a low key birthday party with just family; And Chris and Sarah and their baby boy Jackson, because Chris is the brother Kyle should have had. We did an Easter egg hunt and colored eggs.

This is one cool kid!! And- boy is this shirt fitting for him!!!
Jackson was having so much fun he colored mama, too!
This past month I've also been busy with my Uncle who was here from CO. I was going back and forth to Mesquite a couple of times a week and spending the weekends at my moms. I don't get to spend much time with him and wanted to soak up every minute I could with him! The other girl in this photo is my cousin, Steph. She lives in Kyle, TX and also drove in to visit with Uncle Vernon.
We went to the Rodeo. I'm not sure who had the most fun, Uncle Vernon or my boys!
Well, today Kyle went to Johnny's school and talked to the entire Kindergarten. Johnny had a smile from ear to ear. He was so proud of his daddy! Kyle talked to them about his job, told them to stay in school, always tell the truth and do your work.... that kind of stuff. Anyhow, the kids loved it!
Joel was watching his daddy's every move. Here he is with his arms crossed just like Kyle.
Joel has a sticker badge on and thought that was the coolest thing. He had it on most of the night and kept looking at it, and touching it.

OK. I really have to do better at these updates. Sorry guys; I know some have been asking, but as you can see, I've been overwhelmed.

Until next time...... hopefully sooner than later!