Monday, November 2, 2009


What a fun night! The boys' cousins, Griffin and Lofton, came down and they all went trick-or-treating together for the first time!

My boys were the Ghostbusters. They love watching the movies and cartoons.. even Joel, so we decided that's what they would be for Halloween. Cute, huh?! Well, we think they're adorable, anyhow! Kyle made the Proton Packs! It took him a couple of weeks, but they turned out great! The costumes came with plastic blow up ones, but they were way too big, and not near as cool. And truth be told, I think Kyle just wanted an excuse to make them. They probably weigh 10lbs and Kyle ended up carrying them before the night was over. Joel was a trooper though! He took a rest, but not for long. At the end of the night, he didn't want to give his pack up. They went around town making their own GB noises. It was really cute. Oh, and Joel kept saying, "I ain't afraid of no ghost!"

As you can see above, Griffin was Charlie Brown. And I think Lindsay probably made his costume. I meant to ask her and never go around to it. And the little cutie in the monkey suit is Lofton. I like his blond curls coming out of his hat. Thanks Matt and Lindsay for driving down to trick-or-treat with us!

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