Sunday, October 27, 2013

Joel's first baby tooth

Joel lost his first tooth! 

It's bed time so he came in our room to give hugs and kisses. Also to see if he could sleep with us. Because we have to get up early I told him not tonight. He came around to my side and I noticed how loose it was. I asked if I could feel it. Reluctantly, he allowed it. I was surprised, it was barely hanging on! When I asked if I could pull it, I got a firm, "No way!" That is until I told him he could sleep with us. He smiled as he was thinking it over. Then I got the okay. I knew that would do it. One tiny tug, huge tears, lots of blood, and I was holding my baby's tooth between my fingers. A bittersweet moment for me. He's growing up too fast!! 

As Joel bit down on a kleenex, Justin told him to take it out so he could taste the salty blood. Eek! I have boys! ;)

Johnny ran to the bathroom with little brothers in tow. Joel picked out the perfect tooth box to put under his pillow; in anticipation of the tooth fairy! 

Justin is one proud big brother! 

Now that everyone in the house is sleeping it's time for the tooth fairy to make her exchange. Good night all! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Self-centered or Christ-centered

This week the boys and I did a study of the parable "The Shepherd and The Lost Sheep".  I explained to them how God loves every last person on this earth, no matter their worldly crimes, or sins committed against him. God wants every last soul to know him.

After reading through my Sunday School lesson which talks about conflict and not thinking only of myself, it has me in deep thought. We all have people in our lives that it's hard for us to love or even like... Some days I have more trouble with this than others, and I have to rely on the Lord to take my thoughts captive. And pray that he can love them through me! God knows, I can't do it through my flesh..! After reading 1 Samuel 24:1-15 the Lord was shouting loud and clear!!

So get this...

If you don't know the story I'll give you the highlights. Saul is the King, and David was very loyal, maybe even a friend I guess you could say. He lead the army and fought for Saul's kingdom. Until Saul grew jealous of the attention David got form everyone. David was even anointed and would become king (and I don't think Saul knew this)...more on this in a second. Saul was so envious he wanted to kill David, so he had to flee the city. David was hiding in a cave, and Saul, who was out hunting David needed a place to relieve himself. He entered this cave and David could very easily have killed him. But he didn't!! Even though he would have been next king, and even though he probably had grounds to kill him because Saul was hunting him for no good reason other than jealousy. Instead, David felt led to apologize to Saul for usurping part of his power. Even though David wasn't wrong - never did he try to take fame or glory away from Saul, he was nothing but faithful - nonetheless, David apologizes! In hopes of softening Saul's heart.  

The shepherd that goes after that one lost sheep!!

When there is conflict it's easy to go with your own agenda. Even thinking it's from the Lord (he handed it to you on a silver platter, or in a cave in the case of David), but it's humbling to swallow pride and apologize for something you didn't do. 

David was "a man after God's own heart." I want to be the same...but woman of course. ;) 

His ways are always better than ours AND FREEING!! I will never look at conflict the same way again. It's more than just my agenda... I have to look at the bigger picture! It's not about me and my self-centered way of thinking. 

Thank you, Lord, for humbling me and softening my heart!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fun Filled Day

After lots of reading and a little math, we went on an adventure walk. We found huge (probably some of the biggest I've ever see) ant mounds. Took a stroll through the woods. We skipped rocks and watched our dog chase after them. Found these little frogs down by the lake that were so fast we couldn't catch one. We found walking sticks and carved them just how we want them. We talked about how the Lord uses us, and how he expects us to choose him.  Why it's important to be good, faithful servants. And how to seek the Lord with all your heart and all your soul.

In Sunday School we talked about how you can water and water your garden, and while that is good, it's nothing like a good rain. After rain the plants shoot up and produce better than just me watering everyday. It truly is amazing how God works. So today I told the boys this, and went on to tell them why it's important for them to read the bible and study on their own. Not to depend on church and what momma teaches them. There is something supernatural when you seek the Lord all on your own!

Winter Will Soon Be Upon Us

Most of you probably know how much I despise cold weather. I'm cold even when it's 90 degrees. But when I walk in a room and see my boys cuddled up, cold and reading to each other, I can't help but think about last year. Our winter days consisted of making a fire in the fire place, snuggling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate in hand, and lots and lots of reading! Yeah, I'm ready for that again!

I love that we get to stay home and learn new things together!